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“Jen and Susan are a great team. They stuck with us over several years and searches supporting us to find the ‘right’ property. They are so responsive - I could text or call about a house I drove by and I would hear back from at least one, if not both of them, later that same day. They also really do their homework well when it comes to comps and understanding the history of a property. And they are both deeply honest -- they will tell you what you need to hear about a property or a deal, not just what you want to hear. They work really hard in your best interest. 

“Together they bring a wealth of experience, a really good listening ear, humor, patience, and wisdom to help you find what you really want.”

--Lisa and Alden J., April 2021  

“Jen and Susan were the perfect team to help us both find a new home and sell our condo. We could not have done it without their savvy expertise of the market! They helped every step of the way, sharing their time, being available to us 24/7, and resources from banking to staging to closing. We are so grateful for their commitment to find us our forever home, and their skill to make it happen...They are now part of our family history!”

-- Esther and Matt P., April 2021

“Thank you! For people like us who don't buy and sell houses often, you forget how difficult the whole process is. You all worked so hard to make this possible for us and we appreciate everything that you did. We could not have had a more professional team. The game was unexpectedly long, and each of you stepped up to the plate and did your part to see things through to conclusion today.  

“You are so good at what you do. Thanks again for all you do helping families find homes -- a truly noble endeavor.”

-- Nancy and Srini M., July 2020

“I began looking for a new place to live a few months after my husband died. Although we had been renting an apartment since coming to Brookline the year before, it became clear that the cost of renting was too much for me to sustain going forward, plus there were lots of sad memories associated with the apartment.  I decided to buy a condo which would be smaller, but more suited to my new lifestyle. A friend recommended I call Jen Rothstein of Hammond Residential for help.  

“I immediately loved working with Jen, as she did not pressure me into either looking or making offers. She was careful to show me only places which fit my general criteria and in areas that would work for a single older women. It soon became apparent however, that most of the places I really liked were beyond my means, so after about six months I became discouraged and started to believe that I would never find a new home in this community. But Jen kept sending me new listings and offering to show me places she thought fit my needs.  Honestly, during those months I think I just enjoyed Jen's company so much that I went along just to spend time with her. She was professional always, but warm and personable, always upbeat and hopeful.  As the months wore on, I became convinced that there would not be a place for me to purchase in Brookline, a community I had grown to love!   

“Then one day I got a call from Jen. She had a listing that might work for me and, most importantly, it was in my price range. It was in a part of Brookline that I'd never heard of, but once we had driven through the neighborhood and walked through the unit, I knew that we had  found my new home! I couldn't be happier with my choice!  The new condominium is close to the Green Line, shopping, and restaurants. I can walk everywhere and my apt is sunny and bright!  It fit all of my expressed wishes and is in a beautiful neighborhood full of stately homes and lovely walking areas. I know that I wouldn't have found this place without Jen's calm perseverance and hard work. I'm so grateful to her for making  the buying process as streamlined as it was, and for sticking with me through the process. She's the best!“

-- Mary T., February 2020 

“When I decided to sell my home I contacted Susan and Jen after receiving recommendations from multiple neighbors. It is nearly impossible to express the complexity and difficulties associated with this sale - difficulties that multiplied during the course of the process. But Susan and Jen never wavered in the face of these challenges. They were simultaneously the proverbial port in the storm and the best captains of the ship one could have, managing all of the difficulties and disruptions while continuing to move the process forward. I will be forever grateful for their savvy handling of extreme circumstances and their upbeat spirits. Their patience, grace and wonderful advice were unparalleled.”

-- Julie B., February 2020

“When my wife and I decided it was time to look for our first home, a mutual friend introduced us to Jennifer and Susan Rothstein of Hammond Residential. Being first-time home-buyers, we were unsure of what we wanted, and naturally had a lot of questions. Jennifer and Susan were both knowledgeable and patient, providing us with the guidance we needed to make an informed decision that was right for us. The home-buying process is notoriously stressful, however working with Jennifer and Susan, we knew we were working with people we could trust. They established a relationship with us that allowed us to have a positive first experience in home-buying. We are extremely happy in our new home, and we have Jennifer and Susan to thank!”

-- Seth and Hilary K., February 2019

“Susan Rothstein found us a Brookline home in 1987. It was a complicated transaction and Susan never lost her cool. She guided these first-time buyers through the process with pragmatism and professionalism. 31 years later, she and her daughter-in-law, Jen Rothstein, brought those same attributes to the sale of that home. 

“We first contacted Susan and Jen 12 months before we put our condo on the market. With their deep knowledge of the market, and intimate knowledge of our own neighborhood, they were able to give us advice and tasks to help us get ready for the sale process. For instance, they arranged to have photos of the exterior of our house taken during the summer months preceding our Spring entry date because they knew our flower boxes would be in full bloom, showing the building at its best. They walked through every square foot and gave us the advice we needed to go about our cleaning, sorting and staging. They helped us work out a schedule, managed the photography, inspections, and open houses flawlessly. They checked in on us regularly and held our hands when needed. They are professional, unflappable, good-humored, and understand the market. 

“We wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend Susan and Jen to everyone we know.”

-- Jim O. and Nancy W., August 2018

“Our thanks to you and Susan for your wisdom, hard work and good cheer throughout the process. It is a special pleasure to work with people who know and are committed to the neighborhood.”

-- Sam and Edith A., July 2018

“Susan and Jen Rothstein worked tirelessly with me for well over two years as I went through the process of downsizing from a house that had become too much for me to take care of to a more manageable condo. They understood my preferences and priorities, were incredibly patient during the time it took for me to be emotionally ready to leave the house I had lived in for 45 years and helped me find a condo that I liked in the same neighborhood, only a few blocks away. They were on top of all of the details involved in selling the house and buying the condo and were both supportive and professional from beginning to end. I recommend them without reservation.”

-- Dorothy S., March 2018